I started here -an idea about recalibrating time and place.. using a public, accessible map to do it.. really, i began with my dissertation proposal..

Asked Myself Orienting Questions

  • What questions am I trying to answer with this map? 
  • What data will be on the map & how will it be displayed?
  • How will the code be organized? (filestructure)
  • Where will the map and its files live?

Explored the Mapping Process

Set up a basic leaflet map

downloaded some data – struggled through to render it.

struggled with shapefiles [link to data and methodology]

Took many tutorials for all steps – see resources page.

Explored Available Data

After a comparative look at a wide array of available data, I pulled specific data files to explore further.

Attempts were made to map the files using Leaflet, some were successful.

Attributes and properties within the files were further examined and opportunities to communicate that information through the map were explored.

Explored Other Maps

Through this process, I examined the source code of other maps, mostly tutorials. None of which really looked like what my final map might look like. A lot more custom coding using HTML, CSS and Javascript would be need to make it functional, interactive, and otherwise presentable.

In examining the source files of another mapping project, The Urban Reviewer, I found that beyond the data they were mapping, their use of Leaflet provided inspiration for the layout of my map.

Crafting a Plan

How could the project move forward concretely, given what I know now? How could I share what I had learned and the resources I had gathered through this process? How could I communicate my process in a way that might be useful to others? These questions guided the drafting of an updated plan. Herein, the project was divided into 4 categories:

  • Data collection and cleaning
  • Map features and functionality
  • Additional website content
  • Website layout and design

These categories are imperfect; tasks were integrated into multiple parts of the project forward. But this categorization provided some structure for understanding what I had already done, and what needed to happen to complete the project.

Therefore i focused on organizing my data

What do i have

What do i need 

What needs to be manipulated into a useable file?

What does it need?

Assembling the Map

participating in d4pg – we used leaflet together; we also shared those files publicly using GitHub. I was able to retrieve them and review them.

I found a website, The Urban Reviewer, another mapping project that used Leaflet, as it turned out. And stored their files publicly using GitHub. This was useful in thinking through the layout and what was possible.

A Notes on Additional Resources

Throughout this process, I relied on a myriad of sources including guides provided by Leaflet, but many more that helped me understand the bits and tools I was using. And to enable me to use the bits in/and the tools I was using.