External Resources

The resources lists and links to herein includes those that have provided me with guidance towards the goal of exploring and manipulating data showing changes in western Queens, and building an interactive web-based map using Leaflet. These resources are categorized as:

Filetypes | Filetype Conversion | Languages/Programs | Population Data | Web Development | Leaflet

Workshop Guides

In my capacity as a GC Digital Fellow, I have lead several workshops that may be of use to others setting out to create similar web-based projects.

Workshop 1 is a introduction to building on the web that begins with a set of reflection questions meant to assist in the planning stages of a web-based project. It then introduces the reader to the idea of web-hosting, a necessary component of web-based projects, and highlights three tools that might be useful in this endeavor. One is only available for CUNY community members, but similar opportunities may exist on your own campus, or Reclaim Hosting provides another solid option.

Workshop 2 includes a section that functions as a technical introduction to WordPress.

Workshop 3 points to different collaborative tools that may be handy when working on team projects; though admittedly I have used many of these on individual projects as well and found them useful.

Workshop 4 is an introduction to HTML and CSS.

Workshop 5 highlights the advanced ways a user can customize their website using WordPress. This workshop also emphasizes why and how you might incorporate social media into your WordPress-based web projects.

GCDI Guides

I also suggest you look into the library of resources that has been populated by past and present GCDI fellows.